Welcome to KM Academy

USAF F-111
I created KM Academy.org to further my own understanding of knowledge management and to share what I’ve learned with others. I started in KM without any specific formal knowledge management training, but did have a Masters Degree in Management Information Systems and a 20-year career as an officer in the US Air Force. That was all I needed to see that many people must have had KM all wrong. They were focused on databases and portals, and insisted that THIS was knowledge management. From the beginning I figured the word “Knowledge” implied this profession should be about the people, and the more I studied, the more I came to believe this was true. Through this site I hope to further develop my own knowledge management framework, building on my own experiences and applying some of the best knowledge management related academic research. If all goes well, this website will help me become a better knowledge manager, and provide others with a useful resource. Thank you for visiting, I look forward to hearing from you.

My Knowledge Management Biography:

John Donahue is a practicing Knowledge Manager, providing KM consulting for organizations from small businesses to large governmental agencies. He has organized and participated in KM and IKM Working Groups at a US Embassy overseas, with the US DoD, and with deployed NATO headquarter staffs. John served 20-years as an Air Force officer and aviator, during which time he was an award-winning instructor at the US Air Force Academy and logged nearly 100 combat missions over Iraq and Afghanistan. Now a seasoned Knowledge Manager and certified Project Management Professional John is applying his organizational, leadership, teaching and technical skill to the knowledge management profession.